Introducing Cashy: Financing as A Service Platform

Faktorama is partnering with Cashy, an innovative tailored dynamic discounting  solution for you and your suppliers.

Why Cashy?

SMEs are struggling with cash flow issues and the factoring market is huge

$ 0 B
In Turnover For Factoring Companies

In The US

$ 0 B
In Unmet Financing For SMEs In The US

For large companies, the use of factoring by their suppliers is usually not beneficial

Lost Revenue

Additional Risks

Creating financial services from scratch is a huge challenge









Cashy offers a ready-to-use online platform backed with advanced technology

Allowing large companies to provide financial services to their SME partners

Dynamic Discounting is similar to factoring

but involves no financial intermediaries. Suppliers’ cashflow problems can be addressed cheaper, faster, & with minimal formalities.

The Sky's The Limit

Functioning as a bank for your SME suppliers has benefits!

  • ERP automatization
  • New stream of revenues
  • Tighten relations with suppliers

Cashy makes the process simple:

Step 1

You invite selected suppliers and set the prices

Step 2

The supplier selects a payment date and accepts the terms

Step 3

You transfer the invoice amount minus the agreed cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Cashy’s platform addresses the financing gap
between large corporations and their smaller business partners, particularly SMEs, providing a win- win solution where large corporations can generate profit from their capital while smaller business partners gain access to much-needed financing

Corporations with a large network of smaller contractors (SMEs). Our solution especially thrives in industries with limited access to conventional financing.

Yes, the platform is able to integrate with ERP systems through the text files transfer or by APIs. Additionally, we are ready to create special solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

There are no specific requirements. The platform works in web browsers on both computers and smartphones.

We collaborate with Credit Agricole and are in talks with other banks. In addition, our partners network include EY, Microsoft, SAS, and Nord Partner.

Our solutions enable large companies to create financial services for their suppliers. As a result, suppliers gain access to additional financing without unnecessary formalities and our clients get direct profits from providing financing to the suppliers instead of financial institutions. Additionally, thanks to users and data acquired through Dynamic Discounting we can offer additional services which enable clients to get extra profits via revenue sharing. Our advantages vs local & international competition: – Track record, – Tax certification – Experience – Long market presence – Experience in implementation & platform onboarding on local market

Yes, we enable transactions with foreign suppliers and support mechanisms such as reverse charge. Currently, the platform supports currencies such as PLN, EUR and USD, but we can add additional currencies as per the client’s needs.

We provide platform tutorial and, if necessary, conduct training sessions for the client’s users.

In contrast to traditional discounts, the entire process takes place online, and the supplier does not need to issue a corrective invoice. At the end of the month, the supplier will receive an invoice from our client for the amount of accepted early payments costs.

In the Cashy process, our client pays their suppliers earlier for the invoices instead of a factoring company. That allows our client to earn from invoice early payments, rather than intermediaries or financial institutions. From the supplier’s perspective process is simpler & less formalized, while the transaction is being agreed directly between the buyer & the seller.

Have questions?

Email: jakub.wrede@cashy.pl